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73 Shortcuts for Excel

Table of Contents

Section 1-Introduction to Shortcuts
Why I wrote this book?
What are shortcuts?
Keyboard & Mouse
Pressing Keys

Section 2-Standard Windows Shortcuts
1.Ctrl+X - Cut
2. Ctrl+C - Copy
3.Ctrl+V - Paste
4.Ctrl+A - Select All
5.Ctrl+Z - Undo
6.Ctrl+F - Find
7.Esc - Escape key - Cancels
9.Alt+Space,N - Minimize Window
10.Alt+Space, M - Move Window
11.FN+Alt+END aka PRTSC - Copy Window to Clipboard
12.Alt+F4 - Close Window
13.Alt+Tab - Switch Windows
14.Underline - Alt key

Section 3-Excel
15.Ctrl+Y - Re-do (Repeat Last Command)
16.Alt+I,R - Insert Row
17.F2 - Edit Cell
18.F9 - Recalucate Workbook
19.Alt+Enter - New Line in a Cell
20.Ctrl+Shift+F - Format Cells Dialog
21.Arrow Keys - Move to cell or within cell
22.Shift Key
24.Ctrl+G - Go To Dialog
25.Ctrl+F1 - Show/Hide Ribbon
26.Ctrl+` - Toggle Show formulas
27.Ctrl+F3 - Name Manager
28.Shift+F2 - Insert Comment
29.F4 - Toggle Addressing A1 -> $A$1 -> A$1 -> $A1 -> A1
30.Alt+T,A - Autocorrect - set up typing shortcuts
31.QAT - Quick Access Toolbar

Section 4-User Macros
32.Ctrl+Shift+H - Go to any Sheet (Help sheet)
33.Ctrl+Shift+G - Google a Cell
34.Ctrl+Shift+Y - Yellow Highlight a Row
35.Ctrl+Shift+U/D- Move Cell Up or Down
36.Ctrl+Shift+R - Random Select
37.Ctrl+Shift+T - Tweet a cell

Section 5-Macros and VBA
38.Alt+F8 - on Excel - Displays the Macro Dialog
39.Alt+F11 - Toggle between Excel and VBA

Section 6-Routines Used
Convert a Column Number to its Letter Equivalent

Section 7-Windows Concepts to Know

Section 8-Dialog Boxes
Introduction to Dialog Boxes
Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Backtab - Next and Prev Tab
40.Space Bar - Press Default key

Section 9-Debugging VBA and the Editor
41. F8 - Step in debugger
42.F5 - Continue
43.Ctrl+G - Go to Immediate Window
44.Ctrl+R - Go to Project Window
45.F7 - View Code Window
46.F3 - Find Next
47.Shift+F2 - Go to Definition

Section 10-Fonts
48.Ctrl+B - Bold
49.Ctrl+U - Underline
50.Ctrl+I - Italic
51.Ctrl+5 - Strikethrough

Section 11-Dates
52.Ctrl+; - Date
53.Ctrl+: - Time

Section 12-Excel Concepts to know
Excel Sheets
54.Shift+F11 - Create a Sheet
55.Ctrl+PgDn and PgUp - Previous Sheet and Next Sheet

Section 13-Discovering Shortcuts
57.Trial and Error

Section 14-Mouse Shortcuts
58.Ctrl+Mouse Wheel - Zoom/Unzoom Excel
59.Double-Click Caption - Maximizes Window
60.Right-Click Button - Shows pop-up menu

Section 15-Selecting and Moving
61.Crtl+Space - Select a Column
62.Shift+Space - Select a Row
63.Ctrl+* aka Ctrl+Shift+8 - Select a Region

Section 16-VBA/Macro Lessons
Sub - End Sub

Section 17-Windows Desktop Shortcuts
64.Desktop Windows 10 set volume

Section 18-Other Applications
67.Auto Hot Key

Section 19-Have Some Fun
69.Ctrl+Alt+Arrow - Set Text Direction

Section 20-Win Key
70.Windows Key
71.Win+Tab - New Desktop
72.Ctrl+Win+Left/Right Arrow - Switch Desktop
73.Win+Arrows - Position Window

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